Saana is a hot chick from Finland and she came to the orgasms clinic because of a lack of sleep. She thinks she would need more orgasms to get back to normal nights of sleep. Our doctor got just what she needs to get cured!
Total time: 31:10    Big wmv: 458.23 MB    Small wmv: 76.03 MB
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Lacie came to the clinic today because she can't have orgasms. She says she never masturbates and that she only played once with toys. That girl came to the right place, for our doctor's got plenty of stuff to help her out!
Total time: 28:55    Big wmv: 424.71 MB    Small wmv: 70.46 MB
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Sahara has a problem... she's quite stressed and she thinks she would need to get laid. She didn't have sex for more than a year and don't even remember her last orgasm out of a good fuck! Our doctor will definitely help her out!
Total time: 29:05    Big wmv: 427.34 MB    Small wmv: 70.98 MB
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Felix's here today, only because she wanted to get fucked! She doesn't really have a problem, except that she's a nymphomaniac! She came over, because she knows she's sure to get as much as orgasms as she wants in this clinic!
Total time: 29:56    Big wmv: 439.64 MB    Small wmv: 72.95 MB
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Jamie came to see Allan at the clinic today because she has a hard time getting orgasms. It's been about one year now and she's getting depressed about it! Let's see how the doctor's machines can be helpful here.
Total time: 37:18    Big wmv: 547.9 MB    Small wmv: 90.96 MB
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This brunette says she's only turned on by doctors... and her boyfriend isn't one! She came to the clinic for her sex life's been boring for a while! Let's see what our favorite doctor can do for her.
Total time: 34:29    Big wmv: 518.12 MB    Small wmv: 207.64 MB
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Taylor's Orgasms
This hot blond babe his here in this clinic to try and find a better way for good orgasm. These machines will actually lead her to get the best one she never had! She gets so horny that she pulls the doctor's cock out to suck it!
Total time: 22:20    Big wmv: 328.41 MB    Small wmv: 54.49 MB
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Lexi's Interview
Lexi would really love to work for that orgasm clinic, so this clip here is actually an interview to see if she'll get hired. Watch that cute pro teen giving herself some intense orgasm just for you!
Total time: 25:44    Big wmv: 378.54 MB    Small wmv: 62.82 MB
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Pantera's Good Times
This cute 18 years old Russian really needs a good fuck! These machines will help her out to have a real good one! Watch her having some good times with these hardcore fucking machines.
Total time: 25:55    Big wmv: 381.65 MB    Small wmv: 63.27 MB
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Female Orgasm Machine
This chick considers herself has a non-orgasmic chick and that's why she's here. Watch how these specialist will change her state here to a real orgasmic whore! Watch her squirt on that awesome fucking machine!
Total time: 24:50    Big wmv: 365.57 MB    Small wmv: 60.63 MB
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Busty Tattooed Chick
This cutie says she loves sex and we can't say we doubt it! She saw an ad in a newspaper and here she his to test those big toys! This busty tattooed chick's one hell of a hottie!
Total time: 25:42    Big wmv: 377.16 MB    Small wmv: 62.65 MB
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Desire's Sex Machines Trip
This is Desire, She's some cute ass blond from Mississippi, and she loves big toys! She's here to improve her orgasms with these big mean toys and sex machines! Watch her get intensely off in here!
Total time: 23:40    Big wmv: 348.36 MB    Small wmv: 57.79 MB
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